Generating and Sending an Agenda

Before this process, the submissions that are scheduled for the board meeting were assigned to reviewers. The reviewers responded with their comments and recommendations. Now that all of the reviews have been completed, the Analyst can generate and send an agenda for the meeting.
  1. From the home page, select Manage > IRB Board Management.
  2. Select the Board.
  3. The Board Management page is displayed. You should be on the Meeting Schedule > Scheduled subtab.
  4. A list of meeting dates for the Board is displayed. Next to the date for the meeting whose agenda you want to generate, click the Manage link.
  5. If you want to examine the reviews that were done for this meeting:
    1. For any submission, click the Examine link. That opens a window for the submission.
    2. Go to the Review Dashboard tab, and find the row for Send to Board. Expand this row by clicking the checkbox at the right end of the row.
    3. Now you’re looking at the board member reviews for this submission. You can see the status of the reviews.
    4. To examine a review, click the checkbox at the right end of the row, and in the resulting window, click the Examine Review link. The review will open in another window.
  6. Under the Information tab, enter the time and location information for the meeting. This information will be sent in an invitation to the Board Members.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Select the Administrative Items tab.
  9. In this tab, you can Add agenda items that are not submissions. For example, education items for the board members.
  10. After adding items to the Administrative Items tab, you must Save your work before switching tabs.
  11. Select the Attachments tab.
  12. In this tab, you can Add any files to the agenda. Those files can be sent to the Board Members with the agenda, and also can be sent out with the minutes after the meeting is processed (see the check boxes). For example, you could add a new consent form that is being discussed at the meeting or the CV for a new board member.
  13. After adding items to the Attachments tab, you must Save your work before switching tabs.
  14. Select the Agenda tab. Here is where you will build and send the agenda.
  15. Click the Build link.
  16. After building the agenda, under Current Document, click the View link. You should view the agenda before you send it. The agenda opens in a popup window.
  17. Select the Attendance tab, and click to select the members who will attend this meeting.
  18. When ready, click the Send link. A popup window appears where you select “Send to:”.
  19. As of now, the only selection is All Staff and Members.
  20. Any text that you enter into the Comment field will appear in the body of the email and in the task.
  21. Click the Send button. The agenda task is sent to the members.
As Members respond whether they will attend, their responses will be tallied under the Agenda tab.
An agenda can be rebuilt and sent again. This will create another task on everyone’s to do list. The original agenda task will remain and will need to be deleted by each user.

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