Creating Deferrable Issues Communications

Begin this process only after the Micro task displays the Reviews Complete message.
  1. Click into the Micro task.
  2. Select the Review(s) tab.
  3. Expand the last review. This is the row that you added and where you added reviewers.
  4. Check that all reviewers have set their decisions.
  5. Ensure that you see three buttons: Send to Board, Create Deferrable Issues Document, and Send Deferrable Issues Document.
  6. Click Create Deferrable Issues Document.
  7. The system displays a dialog box informing you that the document has been created. Click OK.
  8. The document will download. It is an .rtf file, so your Mount Sinai computer will display a dialog box enabling you to open the file with Microsoft Word. Click OK to open it.
  9. The document opens in Microsoft Word.
  10. Save the document as a new file. Change the name to something meaningful. Change the file type to Word document (.docx).
  11. Revise the Word document and send to the Chair for approval. You will revise and communicate with the Chair outside of Ideate.
  12. When the document is approved by the Chair, return to this review and click Send Deferrable Issues Document.
  13. The system displays a dialog box for the communication. Click the Attach Document button, and attach the approved document.
  14. Leave the Subject and Message Body as-is.
  15. Send the document.
    Wait for the PI's response.
  16. When the PI responds to your Deferrable Issues Communication, that puts a Deferrable Issues Communication task on your todo list. That task contains the PI's response.
  17. Click into the communication, and Forward it to the reviewers. 
  18. The communication task will remain on your todo list until you explicitly click the Delete button in the task.
Deferrable issues communications don’t affect the closing of micro or macro tasks. Deferrable issues communications sent and responses received are stored in micro task’s deferrable issues tab.

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