Ideate Animal Subjects User Guides

This page is a repository for our Ideate user guides. If you're looking for Ideate user training, please see this page for information about Ideate training classes.

Essential Learning: Ideate Demonstration Videos

The instructions in this section are for Ideate users who must create protocols and other submissions.

The Ideate Home Page This video gives you a tour of your Ideate home page. 4 minutes long.

Creating a New Animal Protocol: Part 1 This video shows you how to create an initial application for an animal protocol. In part 1, we show you how to create and complete the main protocol form. 12 minutes long.

Creating a New Animal Protocol: Part 2 This video shows you how to fill out the species-specific forms, and any additional safety forms. 7 minutes long.

Creating a New Animal Protocol: Part 3 In this video, someone creates the initial application on behalf of the PI. The user then sends the application to the PI, and the PI submits the application to the IACUC. If you are creating an application on behalf of someone else, or you are a PI who has someone creating an application for you, watch this demonstration. 5 minutes long.

Responding to a Protocol Revisions Required Task This demonstration shows how to respond when a protocol submission had been sent back to the PI with revisions required. 8 minutes long.

Copying a Procedure from a Previously-approved Protocol This demonstration shows how to copy the details of an animal procedure, from a previously-approved animal protocol, into the animal protocol that you are writing. 3 minutes long.

Signature Authority and Delegation

Signature authority is an Ideate feature that enables a PI to give someone else the authority to perform certain tasks on the PI’s behalf.

Policies Governing Signature Authority on Animal Protocols What is signature authority, and who can have it.

Creating an Animal Protocol on Behalf of a PI Policy governing who can create a protocol on behalf of a PI.

Submitting a Protocol Created on Your Behalf When someone has created a protocol for a PI, and sent it to the PI for review and submission. These are instructions for the PI to submit the protocol.

Giving Signature Authority to Research Personnel How to give Signature Authority to personnel on your protocol.

Giving a Task to Someone Else A task appears on the To Do List for only one person at a time. These instructions tell you how to pass that task to someone else, so that it disappears from your To Do List and appears on their To Do List.

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