Instructions for PPHS Analysts and Reviewers

These instructions are for the Analysts and Reviewers in the PPHS office.
Topic Format Description
PPHS Intake video demo When a submission first arrives in the PPHS office, the Intake person assigns it to a PPHS Analyst.
PPHS Rejection/Acceptance Process quick reference Before a submission undergoes pre-review, it is reviewed by a Manager to determine if it is ready for the pre-review. These are written instructions for the rejection/acceptance process.
Reassigning the Macro Task in Ideate video demo The PPHS Analyst who own the macro task, owns the responsibility for overseeing the submission's review. If the Analyst passes the macro task to another Analyst, (s)he is passing on that responsibility.
Conducting a Pre-review quick reference Instructions show how to conduct a pre-review before proceeding to an expedited or full board review.
Assigning Offices and Setting Up Micro Review quick reference

video demo
The PPHS Analyst who owns the macro task will assign offices. This will create micro reviews in all of the offices that need to review the submission. The PPHS office will always have one of these micro reviews. FACTS, Biosafety, Radiation Safety, and the other conditional offices might also have micro tasks created for them.
Sending Submission to a Non-committee Reviewer quick reference

video demo
In this demonstration, the PPHS Analyst who owns the micro task for the PPHS office will send the submission to someone for review.
Processing the Micro Task quick reference Prior to this procedure, you assigned offices. If you added a non-committee reviewer(s), they have completed their reviews.
Processing the Macro Task quick reference Prior to this procedure, you completed the process for Processing the PPHS Micro Task.
Conducting a Review video demo This demonstrates how a reviewer (non-committee reviewer, conditional office reviewer, or board member) leaves comments, conducts a review, and submits a decision. The reviewer can be in the PPHS or any of the conditional offices.

Full Board Instructions

Determine if a Submission Needs a Full-board Review written instructions This process is done after a submission passes the pre-review. The Analyst who has the micro task for the PPHS office must examine the submission and determine that it needs a full-board review.
Assigning a Full-board Submission to a Reviewer written instructions Before this process, a submission was scheduled for a full board review. See the instructions for Determine if a submission needs a full board review. After this process, the submission will be sent to a board member(s) for their review before the meeting.
Checking the Status of Board Reviews written instructions When you have assigned a protocol to be reviewed by Board members for a meeting, you can easily check on the status of those reviews.
Generating and Sending an Agenda written instructions Before this process, the submissions that are scheduled for the board meeting were assigned to reviewers. The reviewers responded with their comments and recommendations. Now that all of the reviews have been completed, the Analyst can generate and send an agenda for the meeting. 
Holding a Board Meeting written instructions This process is begun at the actual board meeting. During the meeting, the analyst begins the “Hold Meeting” task in Ideate. That task does not need to be closed at the actual meeting. After the meeting, the analyst can return to the task and finish processing the information that was generated at the meeting.
Processing a Decision Made at a Board Meeting
written instructions This process begins after a protocol has been reviewed at a board meeting, a decision has been selected, comments have been entered, and the person holding the meeting has clicked the Process Review button for that protocol. These instructions are for the analyst who owns the PPHS Micro task for the protocol.
Processing the Macro Task
quick reference After:
  • The board decision task has been processed.
  • The micro task for the protocol has been processed.
  • Any conditional offices have finished their processing.
You can process the macro task. This sends the final decision back to the PI.

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