Ideate Human Subjects User Guides

This page is a repository for our Ideate user guides, for users of the Human Subjects (PPHS) Module. If you're looking for Ideate user training, please see this page for information about Ideate training classes.

The videos and written instructions below are suitable for a new user. They are designed to be instructional. The 1-page quick reference guides are suitable for a user who knows the topic, and needs to be reminded of how to perform a function.

Topic Video/Written Instructions 1-page Quick Reference Description
Printing IRB Approved Consent Document Steps to print
Detailed instructions on how to Print IRB Approved Consent documents/flyer with the IRB Approval Stamp displayed.
The Ideate Home Page video tour
A tour of your Ideate home page: menu bar, ToDo List, and LiveList.
Finding a Protocol in the LiveList video demo NA How to find a protocol. Sort, filter, search, display, and hide information in the LiveList.
Understanding the Lifecycle Event Manager video demo NA The Lifecycle Event Manager shows you the history of your protocol and its submissions.
Grant Access to Your Protocol to Personnel
video demo quick reference How to enable other personnel to access your protocol. The four levels of access: none, read only, edit, and signature authority.
Creating an Exempt Submission video demo
3 steps How to create a request for exemption for a human subjects protocol.
Responding to a Revisions Required Task video demo
NA How to respond when a protocol submission has been sent back to the PI with revisions required.
Replacing the PI NA quick reference How to replace the PI on a protocol.
Passing a Task to Someone Else instructions
NA A task appears on the To Do List for only one person at a time. These written instructions tell you how to pass that task to someone else, so that it disappears from your To Do List and appears on their To Do List.
Creating an Additional Submission video demo
NA How to create an additional submission (Modification, Continuation, New Information) for an approved human subjects protocol.
Submitting a Protocol Created on Your Behalf video demo NA When someone has created a protocol for a PI, and sent it to the PI for review and submission. These are instructions for the PI to submit the protocol.

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