iLab is Live!

Beginning February 1, ISMMS will use iLab’s Core Facility Management software. This is an online system that streamlines the process of ordering and billing for core service requests.

The February 1 rollout is for 6 of our core facilities: Biorepository and Pathology, Flow Cytometry, Human Immune Monitoring Core Facility, Microscopy, Mouse Genetics and qPCR.

Until the end of February, you can use iLab or eRAP for core service requests. On March 1, all core service requests must go through iLab.

What do you need to do now?

If you are a PI or research personnel, there are some things you need to do to get read for iLab.

If you're a customer (ie. research staff)

If you're a PI

Do these tasks to prepare for using iLab
  • Get an account on the iLab system (see here).
  • Have the PI accept you into their lab.
  • Have the PI assign you to their fund(s).
  • Your account should be automatically created. To verify that it was, log in to iLab here. If your account was not created, or your lab doesn't appear in iLab, contact 
  • Accept users into your lab. See here.
  • Assign funds to lab members. See here.
  • Play this recording of the PI/Department Admin training given by iLab.
Once you're set up, you can use iLab to do these things
  • Request services or resources. See here.
  • Reserve time on a lab's calendar. See here.
  • Approve a quote from a core lab. See here.
  • Review requests made by members of your lab. See here.
  • Approve service requests. See here.
Complete instructions are on the online help site!
Instructions for core customers are at:
Instructions for lab managers and PIs are at:

Getting Support

The quickest way for you or your customers to get assistance with any questions or issues is by reaching out to the iLab Support Team through one of the following channels:
Send an email to the iLab Support Team at
Support Ticket
Click the leave iLab feedback link at the top right while logged into iLab to submit a Support Ticket.
Live Chat
A support representative is available for live chat support at, M-F from 8am-8pm EST.
Available M-F from 8am-8pm EST, 617-297-2805

Important Notes

A few notes:
For answers to frequently asked questions about iLab, please see our FAQ page.

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