InfoEd Training Classes

You do not need to register for class. First come, first seated. The rooms fit about 20 people.

Please note that training is no longer required for Ideate access.

Open Help is for existing users; we don’t do training at open help! Bring your questions and any files you want to work on. At least one of us will be on hand to help you in person. (Canceled Temporarily)

You might need only the first two hours of PD class. In the first half of the class, we cover everything you need to know to create and submit a private foundation, and internal Mount Sinai project application using InfoEd. Then we take a short break. In the second part of the class, we cover how to create a 424 (usually NIH) application. If you plan on submitting an application to a sponsor that uses the 424 mechanism, you should stay for the whole class.

NOTE: Since pre-registration is not required, always check this schedule the day of the class to note if there are any changes.

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