Send Submission to Non-committee Reviewer

This process is done after adding a Review Type of Member Review and a Review Process of Non-Committee Review. See Setup Micro Review for instructions on how to do that.

This process begins in the PPHS/Micro Review task, in the Review Dashboard tab. The row whose Office is PPHS, and Type is Member Review, has been expanded.
  1. Click the Add Reviewer button.
  2. A popup dialog box displays the list of non-committee reviewers. Click to place a check mark next to each that you want to select.
  3. Click the Add Selected Members link.
  4. For each reviewer, click the Send link.
  5. The Status for the reviewer(s) changes to In Progress. It will remain in that status until the reviewer(s) submits a decision.

At this point, the analyst must wait for each non-committee reviewer to submit a decision. The analyst should monitor their To Do List. When the PPHS:MICRO task displays the notice Reviews Completed, the analyst is ready to build the micro response. See the Process Map for guidance.

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