Set Up the Micro Review

As the Analyst, you have been assigned to manage the review of a protocol. The task on your to To Do List reads IRB-XX-XXXXX (PI_NAME) Review PPHS Protocol Submission. Notice that this is not a MICRO or MACRO task. This is the task that exists before the MICRO and MACRO tasks are generated.

You will do this after the submission has passed pre-review.

  1. Click into the Review PPHS Protocol Submission task.
  2. The task displays, with the title Process Review: PPHS/Macro.
  3. In the Analyst Review box, from the Action drop-down menu, select Assign Offices.
    (You are not using Reassign Analyst or Return to PI. These functions are used during the pre-review process, and this submission has passed pre-review).
  4. A message displays informing that Micro-reviews will be sent to the following offices:.
  5. Click the Submit button and then at the confirmation dialog box, click the OK button.
  6. After the system processes your request, the screen refreshes and displays a page labeled Process Review: PPHS/Micro.
  7. If you are going to add review comments to the submission, do that now.
    • Wherever possible, use field-level comments.
    • For any field, click the Add Comment box.
    • Comment boxes are text only. They can be resized by dragging the lower right corner.
    • For each Attachment, you can upload a marked-up version. Click the Upload Suggestion check box and then use the Upload link to upload the marked-up version of the document.
    • Your field-level comments will be listed under the Comments tab.
    • If needed, enter submission-wide comments into the General Comments field.
  8. If you have finished leaving your comments, or if you are not going to leave comments, from the Action drop-down menu select Setup Review.
  9. The Review Dashboard tab is brought to the front.
  10. Click the Add Review button.
  11. A row is added to the Review Dashboard. The row has a red X at the leftmost position. There is a check mark in the check box in the rightmost position.
  12. From Review Type, select the correct type of review for this submission.
  13. The window refreshes. Additional fields could be displayed based on your selection.
  14. From Review Process, select the correct type of process for this review.
    • If you selected Member Review / Non-Committee Review, you do not need to select a Board.
    • If you selected Meeting Review / Full Committee Review, you must also select a Board and a Meeting Date.
This concludes the process of setting up a micro review. Your next step depends upon what kind of review you set up. See the Process Map for guidance.

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